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Boomerang Girl
23 July 2012 @ 12:59 am
He abierto el NaNo del año pasado y he comprobado que, efectivamente, no hay por dónde cogerlo. Je.

Boomerang Girl
11 April 2012 @ 02:44 pm

ukverse ukverse ukverse

Join the fun by applying here.

(And set me as your referer, for extra points!)
Boomerang Girl
26 February 2012 @ 02:18 pm
Bien, me ha costado ocho semanas sentarme a escribir este post (copiado de adhara). Pero aquí está:

- Adriana, la coleccionista de ruidos (Infantil).
- Choque de Reyes.
- El corazón del desierto (AMS I): Muerte y monstruos (Beta).
- Unbearable lightness.
- Sexo cerdo.
- La Vida Pese a Todo.
- Haciendo Majaradas.
- 10 años de GH: Diario de una guionista.
- Chico no es un cobarde.
- El Mundo Amarillo.
- 20M3.

- La chispa de la vida.
- Territorio comanche.
- The artist.
- A tale of two sisters.
- No habrá paz para los malvados.
- 9 Songs.
- Extraterrestre.
- Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid.
- The Help.
- Il Resto di Niente.
- Catfish.
- The Seventh Continent.
- The Muppets.
- Creative Nonfiction.
- Tiny Furniture.
- The Hunger Games.
- The Virgin Suicides.
- The Last Rites of Ramson Pride.
- The Station Agent.
- Living in Oblivion.
- Tiptoes.
- Lolita.
- Harold and Maude.
- A Straight Story.
- Tu vida en 65 minutos.
- Misery.
Boomerang Girl
17 December 2011 @ 11:41 pm
[Originality] doesn't really exist. The idea that something can be said
to be truly original is laughable. There is no immaculate conception.
Everything comes from somewhere. Everything contains elements of
something else. If we were ever to be confronted with an artefact or an
idea that was genuinely original we wouldn't be able to see it or
understand it. We wouldn't have any reference points with which to
identify it.
Just as our biological life is made possible by
the ability of our cells to replicate themselves, so too does our
creative life depend on our ability to replicate forms, ideas and
expressions that already exist. We are all copyists —and we should be glad.

- Adrian Shaughnessy.
«The Myth of Originality and the Joy of Copying